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Lurktron Review by Chad Lybrand

Team rider and Lurktron creator tells us all about the board he created!

Park[ing] Day Oakland: Mini Ramp and Hot Dogs

In conjunction with Park[ing] Day, Bonzing Skateboards is creating a skate park and will have a mini ramp and hot dogs in our parking space. We will be occupying a parking space on Grand Ave near Euclid Street in Oakland, California. Come on out and skate our ramp or stop by for a hot dog! We look forward to meeting and hanging out with you at the park!

This is a free event.

Park(ing) Day is an annual, worldwide day where artists, businesses, and citizens transform parking spots into temporary public parks, art galleries, libraries and other interesting destinations.

Wallpaper Wednesday: August

Team rider Freddie Sizemore smashing the steep, deep and radical San Francisco driveways on his 7 ply Super Fatty that he shaped and created!

Get the high resolution photograph for your pad, pod or computer background or get the special cropped version for your phone here.

Cruise over on the first Wednesday of August to see what next months wallpaper will be!

Wheelbase Magazine Reviews the Lurktron

Wheelbase Magazine got their hands on our new Lurktron and they loved it so much that they wrote a review about our new Lurktron skateboard.

This is what they had to say about our new Lurktron; " Coming in at 33.5″ long, 9.25″ wide, and with 15.75 to 16.25″ wheelbases, the Lurktron is built to be an all around double-kicked shralp-mobile, with art from it’s own shaper Chad Lybrand. The large, yet not bulky, nose and tails provide plenty of pop, and along with the gradual radial concave give plenty of board feel through all aspects of riding. This is a Bonzing; it’s built to skate-everything from city-slashing alleyways, to crusty-coping pools, slippery-sliding slopes, flaking-paint curbs, and whatever else it’s thrown on to. It is also proven durable and built to last; Bonzing sources all of their boards from longtime so-cal shapers Watson Laminates, and with each new shape ensure that everything is in check and approved from rider, to shaper and every step in between. We still have our year-old Diet Fatty setup and shredding with plenty of life! Grab a Lukrtron while it’s fresh on the market Here!

We chose to feature the Lurktron through this focused edition of Tried & True, as Bonzing is a company we fully back; made by skaters for skaters with every factor kept in mind through design, Bonzing creates their own unique shapes to fit their rider’s needs. They host their own artist’s work on their graphics, build boards with an attention to detail, and are an all around rad and humble crew of shredders!

Bonzing has been crafting top-quality skate goodness, and from their Deforestation protection through FSC sourced wood, to the portion of every sale going back to the individual shapers and artists, and their detailed manufacturing, they offer near everything we could ask from a brand. "

Read the full review here at