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  • About the Stijl
  • Shaper: Austin Graziano
  • Artist: Austin Graziano
This is the first skateboard we created and it is all about style. The board gets its name from the boards artwork--stijl in dutch means style and the artwork on the board is inspired by the Dutch art movement “De Stijl.”

Constructi​​​on: 7-ply hardrock maple
Dimensions​​​: 34" L x 8.5" W x 24​​" WB
“I wanted to create a board that was easy to carry around San Francisco but could also handle the steep hills of San Francisco. The skateboard is lightweight, easy to carry, has a snappy responsive feel and a large wheelbase to handle the hills. Ride it concave or convex, its perfect for campus, commuting and cruising."
“When I first saw the Piet Mondrian collection in person it hit me. The simple lines, bold colors and clean look pulled me in. Piet Mondrian was a leader in the “De Stijl” art movement and the artwork on the board reflects his array of artwork from the beginning of his life to the end of his days."