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  • Super Fatty
  • Shaper: Austin Graziano + Dead Fred
  • Artist: Chad Lybrand + Dead Fred
The Super Fatty was born and bred, in and for, the streets of San Francisco. The Bonzing team created this board for skating everything--smash downhills, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, transition and anything in your path.

Constructi​​​on: 8-ply hardrock maple
Dimensions​​​: 36.5" L x 9.65" W x 22.125-20.​125​ " WB
Austin says, “This shape arose as an improvement from a previous skateboard we made named the Little Fatty. Dead Fred killed the Little Fatty. Literally,he skated the board so hard that he managed to build a bonzing wall of death that consisted of broken Little Fatty's and skate tickets. When we began to improve on the Little Fatty Dead Fred knew exactly what we needed. The Super Fatty has a nose for stalls and riding fakie, a nice big tail and stiffness for downhill. Dead Fred is also one of the biggest characters you will know. He kills San Francisco smee smaaahhh'ing, riggling, riggling the dog, and double dogging, son. The construction and platform can manage speed and the nose and tail are accessible. This downhill double kick is great for skating everything.”
Fred says, "This board is bonzing because the idea and concept of this board was bred in the hills of San Francisco. This graphic is bonzing because it is in your face and screaming get some. There is a lot more to the graphic than at first glance. There is humor and morbid death that is representative of me. It represents my culinary prowess and I grew up loving metal music and the morbid album artwork was instilled in me. The graphic is hilarious because it's a vegetarian animal in a costume of the food he would typically eat, eating the flesh of a baby human. So it pokes fun at life, nature and tradition. It's funny because its ironic. It's epic, sexy, and beautiful at the same time." Chad Lybrand says,"The Super Fatty is bonzing because there are a couple different things that contributed to making this board a reality. Dead Fred challenged me as an artist. Fred and I love listening to metal music and over 2 years ago we began imagining the most metal skateboard graphic. Fred said, "how about a gorilla in a banana suit eating a baby." I asked Fred, " is that the most metal thing you can think of?" We would always come back to it, we continued to talk about it and we were always working on making the graphic more metal and that's bonzing. With out Fred knowing I began to create this graphic, I was dedicated to it and thought it was a great idea. It's a bit morbid but I love it and that's bonzing. It was fun for me to make it more brutal. Each medium changed the content and style and uncovered different directions. Each time it changed it got better. I would show people and their tongues hit the floor--eyes wide--gasps. I loved getting the reaction of what people thought and they were stoked---it was a community effort and that's bonzing.