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  • About the Diet Fatty
  • Shaper: Austin Graziano
  • Artist: Austin Graziano
There are small skateboards, there are large skateboards and any skateboard in between the two gets lost in translation. Short board shapes get enlarged to accommodate bigger wheelbases and longboards get chopped. The Diet Fatty is neither of these. The Diet Fatty is a rad board because it wins in the size, wheelbase and weight combination. At 34in.'s it will not feel much different than your 32in. street board, the 19in. wheelbase is luxurious without being cumbersome, the 7 ply construction is light and poppy and the rocker locks you in for sliding and speed. Get the Diet Fatty to find the lines you have been dreaming about.

Constructi​​​on: 7-ply hardrock maple
"The problem I found with other double kicks of similar size is that the boards were enlarged shapes of traditional double kicks; in the end the enlarged traditional shapes were cumbersome, heavy and ultimately ineffective. The Diet Fatty is refreshing combination of light, small and agile skateboard while maintaining a good sized platform for downhilling."
"I moved to San Francisco in 2001 and fell in love with skating the hills. My love affair with the San Francisco hills is still very vibrant however after living in San Francisco for 15 years I moved across the bay to Oakland. The Diet Fatty is the culmination of 15 years riding the San Francisco hills. The graphic is a representation of the terrain the board is made for and a dedication to the rad times I have had there. Not to mention, the eye, like your skateboard is a window to your soul. "

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