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  • About the Lurktron
  • Shaper: Chad Lybrand
  • Artist: Chad Lybrand
The Lurktron is here and it is everything you wanted and more! The tail and nose are large but not bulky and the taper adds agility and performance. The Lurktron was shaped and created by Team rider Chad Lybrand.

Constructi​​​on: 7-ply hardrock maple
Dimensions​​​: 33.5" L x 9.25" W x 15.75-16.25​ " WB
The Lurktron, shape has been an evolution over the past 3-4 years. The shape started out as a longer wheelbase double kick similar to the super fatty. At first I agreed, then I changed my mind countless times. After riding various board sizes, and experimenting with different molds, I refined the shape to it's current state. My goal being a comfortable size for a taller person, without compromising the maneuverability of a smaller board. I choose an asymmetrical design influenced by fish surfboard shapes. The nose functions and looks like a big spoon, scooping and locking my feet in place. The tail is round and styled after a more traditional double kick skateboard shape, allowing for a tightened technical response. The taper from wide shoulders to tight waist bring the shape together functionally. The Lurktron, is great for lurking the neighborhood bus stop, scaring dogs, old people, and of course bombing big hills!
The Lurktron graphic started out as a rebellion against the artistic direction of my peers. Whom, I'll admit to having asked for their advice in the first place. There was talk about doing an alternate or brother board to the O.G. Super Fatty that team rider, Dead Fred and I collaborated on. Fred's poem was an epic tale of gore about my fictional viking nick-name, Ragnar Thorfast. The graphic idea was based on the final scene where, Ragnar decapitates the evil king, and a willing Princess, drawn like a pin-up girl, awaits him eagerly. The poem was both epic and metal, however I choose to rebel by painting a monster dinosaur hybrid on Bonzing prototypes that I was testing for Bonzing. I would give Austin the prototype back with my sick graphic painted on the bottom, just to see if my imagination would phase him. Much to my surprise my friends and Austin grew to love this creature I pulled from the depths of my demented imagination. As I was encouraged to expand on the idea by friends and peers, a mythology was created for this new beast. She is a hybrid alien-dinosaur set in a night shaded amazonian jungle, and she fits in right at home in the eclectic Bonzing line up of skateboards.