Chad Lybrand Team Bonzing

  Walnut Creek, California, USA
Years skateboarding:
  I've been playing skateboards since the third grade.
What is your favorite set-up?
  Super Fatty, Indy 215s, Volante Checkers, Vicious grip.
Who are your favorite people to skate with?
  The Sunset sliders, to name drop a few; Big Dave, 3D Dave, Totally in control Dave, Blueberry Farmer Jensen, AFB, Dead Fred, Bob the Knob, Pirate Nick, Ferd, Slimjim, Miam Lorgan, and Kames Jelly. I like riding with the pack it's more fun than flying solo.
What is the best part about living in California?
  Best part about living in California: I think our temperate climate. California, is so diverse in terrain it might even be possible to skateboard, snowboard, wake board, and surf all in the same day.
What is the best part about skating San Francisco?
  Boredom does not exist. Everything and anything seems to be skate-able in every direction. The hills and driveways never end. Riding Muni, and not having to hike or take turns driving a shuttle car is the best.