James TraceyTeam Bonzing

Years skateboarding:
What is your favorite set-up?
  The 7 ply super fatty, on Paris 165mm 43* Savants, and Sucrose Spuds, is pure sex.
Who are your favorite people to skate with?
  Sean, any of the Bonzing family, Josh Dunn, James West, Ricker, Joe Lehm
What is the best part about living in New Mexico?
  The sunsets, the open spaces, and the lack of humidity. DITCHES!
What is the best part about skating Albuquerque?
  The ditches are incredible, the hills are fun, and there are some great bike paths!
What is the best part about skating the Bay Area?
   The hills and spots are epic! If you are over skating one spot, just go around the corner and there are 15 more! The DIYs are insanely perfect.

James Tracey