Dead Fred Team Bonzing

  Madison, Indiana
Years skateboarding:
  Off and on for ten. Aggressively for 3.
What is your favorite set-up?
  My very own super fatty with 44 calibrehs and volante checkers.
Who are your favorite people to skate with?
  The sunset sliders, most favorite would be AFB, he's always saucing it up and is the most humble dude which makes me step my game up that much more and skate harder.
What is the best part about living in California?
  The girls, the herbal plant matter, the food, the different extreme weather climates and skating was basically invented here.
What is the best part about skating San Francisco?
  Burning a splougenhousen and riggling the dog on a sexy metal curb into a 3 dimensional driveway lurk back into a steep ass hill with rad pavement as you slide past a group of bettys.
Schmee or Schmaa?