Yvonne Byers Team Bonzing

  Ocean Beach, San Diego
Years skateboarding:
  On and off for many eons, but legitimately something like three or four years.
What is your favorite set-up?
  Something with some wood and wheels. A little tail wouldn't hurt, either.
Who are your favorite people to skate with?
  All-encompassingly the Sunset Sliders. But also any person who has a rad time romping around on a skateboard.
What is the best part about living in California?
  The coast. And the Mountains. Oh, and the deserts. The people are pretty awesome, too. California is basically a super-rad place. Not just rad. Super-rad.
What is the best part about skating San Francisco?
  You can skate anything, anywhere, any time, with any board because the whole city is a skate park!
Schmee or Schmaa?
  Too much shmee, not enough shmaa.