7ply Super Fatty

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7ply Super Fatty

The Super Fatty was born and bred, in and for, the hills of San Francisco. The Bonzing team created this board for skating everything--smash downhills, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, and anything in your path. The hybrid board is not too big, not too small and has a very comfortable concave making you feel right at home. The 7ply construction is lighter than the 8ply and can handle anything under 35mph. 

Performance Completes are setup with Traditional King Pin Trucks for doing tricks and riding bowls. Cruiser completes are setup with Reverse King Pin Trucks for cruising and smooth turning. Beginners should start with a cruiser complete. Need help? Email info@bonzingskateboards.com or reference our buyers guide

Bonzing 7ply Super Fatty Board Specs

Recommended Performance Complete

70mm LM Pro Blood Orange Wheels, Ace 55 trucks, Abec 7 Steadfast Bearings

7ply Super Fatty Performance Complete

Recommended Cruiser Complete

70mm LM Pro Blood Orange Wheels, 10in 50 degree Caliber II's , Abec 7 Steadfast Bearings

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