What is Bonzing

What is Bonzing?

We shape skateboards to be timeless, savage and durable and exclusively support skateboarders for our art and design. A portion of every sale goes back to the shaper and artist who created your skateboard and all manufacturing is done in North America reducing environmental costs. Bonzing also represents what gets us going and moves us. Bonzing is when a person place or thing is jamming and it's all working for them; you can try to get there everyday but it only comes in those special moments. Our Bonz guides us in everything we do and serves as our North Star. For us Bonzing is shaping and creating awesome skateboards that make you come alive, rings the tuning fork inside you and makes you smile. 

Shaping a skateboard is a journey, an exploration, a path that can only be made by you. When we shape skateboards we make mistakes, go too far, break it, experimenting, playing, neither defining or limiting, we remain true to what we want to create--an awesome skateboard. Creating a skateboard that is super fun is one of the most exciting things in the world. We love sharing the shapes that we love with you and encourage you to try shaping your own.

Many Thanks for your support!

Austin Graziano
Bonzing Founder

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