What is Bonzing

What is Bonzing?

This is about a feeling that we pursue in our skateboarding, the boards and apparel we create and the people we surround ourselves with, welcome to Bonzing.

We shape skateboards to be timeless, savage and durable and exclusively support skateboarders for our art and design. A portion of every sale goes back to the shaper and artist who created your skateboard and all manufacturing is done in North America reducing environmental costs.

Failure is a worthwhile endeavor and it's what we try to do in shaping our skateboards. We make mistakes, go too far, break it, experimenting, playing , neither defining or limiting, we remain true to what we want to create--an awesome skateboard. A good shape can’t be forced, it must be cultivated and a good shape has to have life and resiliency. Our skateboards are meant to take you there, so you can get in there and have a sweet time.

The similarities between art and skateboarding are endless. Limited to our tools, there is you and what you want to do, from there it is up to you to make it happen. Skateboarders understand that you don't imitate style, you make it your own and difference is good. For this we only support skateboarders for our graphics and design.

Many Thanks for your support!

Austin Graziano
Bonzing Founder