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  • October Wallpaper Wednesday

    October Wallpaper Wednesday

    Team rider James Tracey getting up with the new Big Dog! 

    right click and save as to download the high resolution photograph.

  • How To Customize Your Skateboard

    There are a lot of questions to be asked when customizing your first skateboard and it can be a pretty intimidating process, but Team Bonzing is here to get you rolling.

    Think of it this way, a skateboard is like your body with your arms and legs like the trucks, hands and feet like the wheels and your brain is you having a great time on the board.

    Ask yourself these questions before deciding on what customization is best for you:
    1. What is most important to you - stability, speed, commuting, tricks
    2. Wheels make a difference do you want soft vs. hard
    3. Which length is best for what you want - long vs. short board

    Let’s choose your new customized board.

    Bonzing has really cool decks that are designed by our Team of skateboarders, pick the one you think is just plain cool.

  • September Wallpaper Wedensday

    September Wallpaper Wedensday

    Team rider James Tracey boosting a big ollie on the new Big Dog Purple! Shot by his newly and happily married wife Marrissarae Tracey! 

  • Mini Popsicle

    The Mini Popsicle board is great for kids starting out with skateboarding or as a small easy to carry cruiser/commuter. Check out the details here

  • Team Rider Freddie Sizemore