New Blur Fatty

Bonzing is back with more Fatty's and today we introduce you to the Blur Fatty. Bonzing Fatty’s bring the versatility to cover multiple terrain types and riding styles, comfortably fitting large wheels with both TKP and RKP trucks. The light 7 ply construction makes ollieing easy and the big wheelbase brings comfort and stability at speed. We been told our Fatty concave is comfortable; it locks you in but is not aggressive. The ability to customize your truck, wheel and bushing setup really ups the fun factor. 

The Blur Fatty blurs the lines between a big skateboard and a street deck. Designed around an 8.5in truck, it can also handle 9in or 8.25in truck comfortably. If you love big skateboards and want to up your tech game, look no further. 

This board is shaped by Austin Graziano and the graphic is by Harry Ciabattini.

L: 35.25in. 
W: 9in. 
WB: 16.5-17.5in. 

Pick up the Blur now!

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