New Mantis Fatty

Bonzing is back with more Fatty's and today we introduce you to the Mantis Fatty. Fatty’s bring the versatility to cover multiple terrain types and riding styles, comfortably fitting large wheels with both TKP and RKP trucks. The light 7 ply construction makes ollieing easy and the big wheelbase brings comfort and stability at speed. We been told our Fatty concave is comfortable; it locks you in but is not aggressive. The ability to customize your truck, wheel and bushing setup really ups the fun factor. 

Team rider, Mantis shaper and artist says,

“The Mantis board is a culmination of everything I have learned through prototyping and previous board designs. It is the ultimate “big” double kick deck we have been dreaming about! I think the wheelbase options are perfect for riding the city, skateparks, and downhill! The asymmetrical shape is my own take on a shovel nose with a square tail. I like having the square nose and tail for flat ground and freestyle tricks. My inspiration for the graphic was a praying mantis that I spotted in the backyard! This graphic features some of my most detailed artwork yet, blending stippling and other techniques to create an immersive world from the insect’s perspective! I hope you enjoy this board as much as I do!”

Width: 9.375in.
Length: 35.344in. 
Wheelbase: 17-18in. 

Pick up a Mantis today!

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