One Man Band

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One Man Band

If you need one board to do it all this is it. Like the one man band who plays all the instruments to make the song this board will do it all and you'll be able to skate it all. You have an awesome directional rocker concave that locks you in, a single kick to get you up and down anything you want, stiff durable construction that can handle any speed, and a comfortable wheel base to bomb mountains, slash driveways or hit the park. The board is also light, making ollies and anything that you want to do with it effortless. 

This board was shaped by Austin Graziano and the graphic was created Stefan Kaiter Snyder and a portion of every sale goes back to these skateboarders. 

L: 35.375 in.
W: 9.25 in.
WB: 19.25-22.375 in.
construction: 8 ply maple

Performance Completes are setup with hard wheels for doing tricks and riding bowls. Cruiser completes are setup with softwheels for cruising and smoothly rolling over terrain. Beginners should start with a cruiser complete. Need help? Email or reference our buyers guide

Recommended Performance Complete Purchase
Recommended Cruiser Complete Purchase
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