Diet Fatty


There are small skateboards, there are large skateboards and any skateboard in between the two gets lost in translation. Short board shapes get enlarged to accommodate bigger wheelbases and longboards get chopped. The Diet Fatty is neither of these. The Diet Fatty is a rad board because it wins in the size, wheelbase and weight combination. At 34in.'s it will not feel much different than your 32in. street board, the 19in. wheelbase is luxurious without being cumbersome, the 7 ply construction is light and poppy and the rocker locks you in for sliding and speed. Get the Diet Fatty to find the lines you have been dreaming about.

Performance Completes are setup with traditional kingpin trucks for doing tricks and riding bowls. Cruiser completes are setup with reverse kingpin Trucks for cruising and smooth turning. Beginners should start with a cruiser complete. Need help? Email or reference our buyers guide

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Product Name Diet Fatty
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