SF Cat

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Experience the trifecta of strength, stiffness, and lightweight construction with our top-tier downhill skateboard. Engineered to be your trusty companion for thrilling downhill rides and slashing driveways, this longboard is a powerhouse of performance. Crafted with precision, it boasts a construction of 7 plies of maple, 1 ply of formica, and 1 ply of triaxial fiberglass, ensuring it can handle the most demanding descents.

The SF Cat's art work and shape were created by Team rider Chad Lybrand and this board is hand made and screen printed in Oakland, CA. 

Performance Completes are setup with traditional kingpin trucks for doing tricks and riding bowls. Cruiser completes are setup with reverse kingpin Trucks for cruising and smooth turning. Beginners should start with a cruiser complete. Need help? Email info@bonzingskateboards.com or reference our buyers guide.

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